Who would you re-employ again?

If you could ‘sack’ everyone that you currently employ today (without fear of tribunal, notice or termination payments or indeed without any other repercussion) who would you re-employ tomorrow?

Now that may bring a wry smile to your face or a serious frown but read the question again and then go through your whole team one at a time.

The decision to re-employ has to be without qualification.

No get out of jail cards like:-

‘I wouldn’t want to employ her again but she brings in 75% of the sales’!

‘I definitely wouldn’t want to employ him but he’s family!’

The answers from this question may be uncomfortable but the awareness will be worth the discomfort.

Look at the reasons for not re-employing and put together a development plan to address the issues where possible, eg skills shortages through training, attitude through coaching or perhaps move the individual to a more appropriate role.

Your biggest challenges will come from those that are not aligned to your values.

That’s a whole different question but is the one that will constantly come back to cause you issues in the future if not addressed.

When Setting Out the Stall* to go to the next level the team must be able to adapt to meet the growth challenge. Some may be able to step up others will not but so often business owners allow their personal relationship to the individual or family ties to avoid addressing the underlying issues.

In fact they are closing a blind eye to the people who are holding their business back and ultimately hindering its growth and everyone’s future prosperity.

*Chapter 6 in Can Your Business Step Up To The Growth Challenge – Ray Moore

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