Who sets the mood within your business?

Over the weekend in the UK we advanced our clocks one hour to switch to British Summer Time.

This morning was the first working day having ‘lost’ our hour sleep over the weekend. When I drew the curtains the sun was shining, the birds were singing.

It was a glorious morning.

A wonderful day to be alive!

This got me thinking how for some the weather has a huge impact on their mood and indeed how they expect their day to pan out.

Yes, I know us Brits are known for our preoccupation with the weather. Normal weather, a little rain or a chilly northerly wind isn’t going to impact the outcome of our day unless we allow it to influence how we feel, our mood.

Consider for a moment your business.

How many external uncontrollable factors influence the outcome of your day?

Let’s not dwell on that too long and swiftly move on as it may influence your mood!

Over the years, working with hundreds of businesses, I have seen how just one person or one event can set the tone for the whole day in a company. Either generating loads of energy or as easily sapping the energy of a department or indeed the whole business.

Sometimes, individuals seem to bring with them their own micro climate. It’s either a sunny high energy day or one of those dull, depressing milky sky days. Even a poor weather forecast can make those shoulders slump.

We can’t choose the weather but we can choose how we react to the weather. Sun and shine or rain and cloud choose to be positive and energetic and have a great day.

Before you think I have gone all soft and gooey, this isn’t one of those hug a tree moments.

Just take a moment to look at your business and consider the commercial impact the prevailing mood has on the commercial outcome of the day.

I’m sure you have experienced poor customer service from someone who just can’t be bothered, who chooses to be a grump or just plain stroppy! Perhaps they just got out of bed on the wrong side that morning.

So, who or what is setting the mood in your company?

Is it a choice or does it just happen?

Is your future dictated by what happens outside of your control or is it time to take ownership of who and what sets your company mood.

Choose to make it positive. Choose to make it consistent.

Don’t leave it to the weather forecast.

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