Who is controlling your time?

Let me take you back a little in time. To those days, when it was normal for the business owner to eagerly await the happy whistle of the cheery postman as he delivered a bag of mail full of orders, cheques, bills and invoices.

The owner immediately stopped what they were doing to open the post and then distribute the work for the day.

Some of you may remember those days or may be vaguely aware of a halcyon yet inefficient time long gone.

Now before you think I’ve totally lost the plot and started to reminisce about the good old days let me explain the point of my little story.

Well, when the post was the main source of business communication it was undoubtedly very important. However, in reality the postie turned up when it was convenient to him. The time varied from first thing to mid or even late morning. Interestingly no matter what time the post turned up it took priority over every other activity.

If you think about it was the postman (an external factor) who dictated the priority by the time he decided to arrive or could fit you into his busy round.

You worked to his priority not yours.

Now of course that doesn’t happen anymore or does it?

Perhaps it may now be worse.

Let me give an obvious example by way of explanation.

Consider the modern day replacement, the email and how do you and your business react to it.

An email arrives in your inbox and often announces itself with a similar happy whistle!.

It’s important, deal with me straight away just like the old postie but now much more random all through the day. Just like those old days you stop what you are doing, give it high priority and respond to it immediately.

So, who and what is now setting your priorities?

Think about an email from a customer or prospect for a moment.

When did they decide to send you that email?

Well, if truth be told, when it was convenient to them.

When they had a moment!

Suddenly, an external event is setting your priority and you decide to react immediately but realise its your choice!

Consider, in your business who sets your priorities and those of your team.

Surely the answer should be you.

Work out what external factors are controlling your priorities and your time?

It may not be what you think.

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