What is your way to the top?

A few years ago I scaled (OK I walked up) Snowdon in Wales.

There was a group of twelve of us who set out bright and early to scale the heights.

When we first came up with the idea, in the comfort of our homes, it seemed so easy. Before the day everyone intended to make it to the top but as the day got closer it became clear that some of the party had programmed their brains that they would walk to the half way point whilst others viewed the summit as their goal. At the start the going was easy but soon the path became steeper and the group gradually divided to walk at their own speed.

Interestingly everyone made it to the top. We all met up at the summit to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction for gaining our goal.

We may all have set our sights at different levels and walked at different speeds but we all achieved the same goal. It just took a little longer. When the going got hard for some of the party there were others to encourage them to put in the extra effort to push to the next Level.

So how does this apply to us in business?

Well, some can keep a huge goal in their mind and keep on going until they make it. Whereas, others need to break the journey into smaller stages or milestones. By achieving each stage they move towards the end goal.

However, the key is to think of the milestones as just that, the end of a stage. It is not the destination. Yes, celebrate making it that far and then use that feeling to push on to the next milestone. You may need encouragement but the end is just a series of milestones away.

In business you just need to decide on the size of the mountain is it Snowdon, Ben Nevis, Mont Blanc or Everest!

What mountain are you going to climb?

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