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Understand what differentiates a successful growing business from an out of balance stressed business to get massive results.

In a given situation what will have the most significant impact on the profitability of your business.

For many small and medium sized business (SME) that factor is the experience of the business owner.

Is your experience the key to balanced growth in your business or is there another factor which when applied will springboard your business to the next Level?

From working with hundreds of successful SME business owners over the last fifteen years the key, the Multiplying (X) Factor, is UNDERSTANDING.

Finding the Difference

Let me explain by giving an example.

For many years I enjoyed driving my fun car on track days at racing circuits around the country. As an experienced driver  I thought it was just a matter of applying those skills to go faster. So, I attended training courses and built lap experience but my performance plateaued as I reached my limit and I could not go any faster.

Frustrated I arranged with a small group of similar car nuts to have a day to help us all go to the next driving level.

Rather than a race circuit we went to a disused airfield and our instructor for the day set out a short circuit with cones.

The first test was to drive a few laps and record our fastest time.

We were good!

Our instructor then did a few laps in each of our cars and of course effortlessly smashed our lap times.

Totally deflated, he then took us to one side and with the aid of a cut down tyre explained how a tyre worked especially at speed and at its limit of grip.

We all had immediate light bulb moments, it was so clear, so simple, so obvious. Now we had the key to massively improve our lap times. We UNDERSTOOD what we had to change to get so much more from our experience.

As soon as we were let loose again on the cone circuit we all smashed our previous best times on the first lap. As we put our new UNDERSTANDING into practice we smashed our lap times by 40%.

We now had the key, that X factor, to drive faster and indeed safer.

Our experience was no longer our limiting factor. We understood the Multiplying (X ) Factor and could replicate the improvement to continue to reduce our lap times, every time.

Even better we could also pass on this X Factor understanding onto others to unlock their potential, multiplying their outcome again and again.

It took a moment to understand  but  to get massive improvements it had to be applied.

Only when I understood how to apply the X Factor did I get the Multiplying effect.

Breaking through

Like my driving, I meet many owners whose businesses  have reached a performance plateau.

They know they can go faster (Grow) but no matter what they try they have reached their limit. They don’t have the key to unlock their experience to make that step change.

Today, there is a dearth of knowledge and information available on line that is at the end of your finger tips BUT without the key you can’t apply it.

It has no value! It is worthless!

BUT, find and understand how to apply your X factor and you will multiply your results.

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Share with me examples of how you have broken through a performance plateau.

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