The SME Agenda 2019

Many thanks to the editors and contributors of this report.

With a  significant sample of 1000 SME ’s from around the country, the outcomes and conclusions of this report should be reflective of the current feeling within the SME community.

My feeling is that even in these uncertain times the underlying level of confidence of my fellow SME owners remains strong. The SME market has and will continue to be resilient and resourceful and will adapt to the challenges outlined in this report.

Yes, Brexit is a distraction as it has been for the whole population but as business owners, we can only work within those areas that we can influence. This report highlights our areas of concern around Finance, Technology, Housing and  HR but it is so easy to allow us to blame and lose sight of what is essential.

Surely it is time to recognise the contribution of the SME market to the economic health of the country.

Give us the environment to thrive and we will rise to the challenge.


What do you think are the top five changes that would allow you to Step Up to the current business challenges we face in the SME market?

You can view the 2019 Yorkshire Bank White Paper Here

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