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With just over 1 week until Ray Moore’s brand new book launches, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what the book’s about and the business journey it takes you on!

George’s Pursuit Across The Perilous Ocean is a tale of a business adventure from start up to financial freedom. Something we’re sure most business owners dream of!

But it’s not all plain sailing to get there.

Throughout the book you’ll follow George as he starts up his business, you’ll watch as his business grows, plateaus and sees moments of uncertainty and challenges.

As a business owner, there will be parts you can relate to and parts you can see in your own business. When George hits a bump in the road (or a rough wave!) Ray looks at how to overcome the problem with his commentary.

What do people think of the book so far?

Jon Neil – Sport Safe

“A must read for someone who is 2 or 3 years from starting their business or even before you start business, it reminded me very much of Polar Bear Pirates, easy to read, humorous but some thought provoking questions asked. If I had read this before I started my business 20 years ago things may have moved along a lot quicker. Another great book from Ray Moore.”

Peter Clayton – Clayton Horsnell Ltd

“I found it really interesting how to story ties into real situations business owners find themselves in. It got me thinking about what boat I’m running and how I can apply this to my business!”

Literary Titan

“This is a fantastic business guide that provides an easy to understand road-map for getting from a small flailing venture to a successful business. Regardless of the goal, it can be achieved by following these simple directions. Five stars out of five for this crash course in entrepreneurship.”

The book launches next Thursday 20th September but you can pre-order yourself a copy now!


Ray’s previous books can be purchased here: https://www.fluidbusiness.co.uk/shop/

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