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FBP 064: The Structure of Business with Andy Sleet


In episode 064 of the Fluid Business Podcast Andy Sleet discusses the structure of business. Do you struggle with enough hours in the day? Listen to this episode to find out what you could be doing differently.


Special Announcement – the Fluid Business Podcast is going on a short hiatus whilst we are working on something exciting to bring to you. We will be back with you shortly.



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FBP 056: Scaling Up – Execution with Peter Boolkah

Episode 056 is the third part in the 4-part series Scaling Up with Peter Boolkah. During the series we are covering the 4 major decisions every business must get right, according to the popular business book Scaling Up by Verne Harnish. This episode covers execution. The next decision is ‘Cash,' click here.

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