5 things that hold back business growth

Working long hours is often seen as the price of being an owner of a SME, small or medium sized enterprise.However, hard work and long hours are no guarantee or sign of success.Indeed, behind the brave face of many a SME business owner is frustration with their lot. Here are the five components that keep SME business owners from breaking free of that uncomfortable comfort zone.

Are you good at picking up cues?

Imagine you are visiting a couple for the first time for whom it is important that outdoor shoes are not worn in the house. How would you know their ‘house rule’. You may pick up some visual cues such as pairs of shoes lined up by the front door, You may notice they are not wearing shoes, They may offer you slippers, They may just ask you to remove your shoes. However, often none of these happen. You did not pick up the visual clues and they were too polite to ask. On leaving you may comment on the strained atmosphere you felt, but I leave it your imagination to what sort of comments they made about you when you left!