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FBP 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes: Here’s your favourite!


This week we’re celebrating a huge milestone on the Fluid Business Podcast!

We’ve taken a look back at the past 100 episodes and picked out the most popular according to you, the listeners.


  1. FBP 015: Delivery Consistency In Your Business with Fluid Business Coach Andy Sleet

Have you ever experienced a bad service in a usually fabulous company? In this episode of the Fluid Business Podcast we looked at why it’s so important to keep your customers happy.

This is our number one most popular episode with over 5000 downloads! It’s a fitting episode as we are celebrating our own delivery consistency after reaching our 100th episode.


  1. FBP 046: The Levels Mindset with Ray Moore

In this episode of the Fluid Business Podcast we look at the mindset of the business owner, taken from Ray’s book: Can Your Business Step Up To The Growth Challenge?

Hugo and Andy recap on the different business owner mindset and how the business owner’s mindset plays an important role in delivery consistency.


  1. FBP 084: Set and achieve your business goals

Setting goals in your business is a great contributor to success. Goals provide direction and will help to align you (the business owner) with your team. Andy Sleet and Hugo Heij explain how to achieve your ideal life by setting and achieving business goals.


How can you expect different results if you don’t change the way you do things? Andy and Hugo look back at this episode and discuss how goals are essential to achieving your ideal life.

You can listen back to any of our previous episodes on SoundCloud, iTunes or on our website here: https://www.fluidbusiness.co.uk/category/podcast/


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