Can Your Business Step Up to the Growth Challenge?



‘Can Your Business Step Up to the Growth Challenge?’ is the first in the Levels Series, written by author Ray Moore.

Author, Business Owner and Coach, Ray Moore brings together his extensive knowledge, experience and challenges faced over his long and successful career in business into this gripping and easy-to-understand book based on The Levels Framework. A tried and tested model The Levels Framework can be described as a manual for growth that focuses on the changes a business should put in place to make the difficult transition up from a small-to medium-sized company. Can Your Business Step Up To The Growth Challenge? Introduces business owners to a new way of thinking through a logical and insightful analysis of the often-undiscussed challenges of owning and growing a business!

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Recent Amazon reviews:


“Recommended reading! Great book, easy to follow and simple analogies which although aimed at the SME owner, helps to build perspective for all working in the SME environment. You will be surprised at how much you can relate to!

The whole concept of the Levels will really help shape how you make decisions, and with wonderful ideas like feast and famine, ALL Star Teams, cruise liner and boats, pain and pleasure….sound interesting….definitely worth a read!” Mr S Sabeel


“Loved this book. I wasted 6-9 months prior to reading The Levels trying to figure out what to do next and not making a move on anything. So basically wasted 6-9 months. I’ve never been a big reader either but this book answered so many questions, was easy to read and help me make choices to move my business forward” An Amazon Customer