Rapid Growth

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Rapid growth is part of many successful business cycles. It can happen as a result of a well-executed growth strategy or in response to an unexpected opportunity.

Fast paced growth often follows a period of early success, when a business has seen only modest profits but is operating healthily.

If your business is experiencing a period of rapid growth, you may find that staff, production levels or clients greatly increase over a short period of time.

This can lead to certain risks and challenges, such as:

  • Cashflow shortfalls
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Customer service issues
  • Outgrown premises

We refer to this as your business being ‘out of balance’ – if you’re going to maintain long term growth the four drivers (time, team, money & delivery) will need to work in harmony.

We’ll work with you to identify which areas of your business are causing concern and develop a plan to resolve them whilst continuing your upwards trajectory.

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