Are you guilty of ‘Productive Avoidance?’

As the leader of a growing SME (small or medium enterprise) you will find that your time is precious. Maybe there’s just not enough hours in the day. The real key to business success is how we choose to invest our time.

First of all, let’s be clear. There is nothing you can do to create more time for yourself. You, me and the President of the United States will all get through each day in the same way – 24 hours at a time! How you use your time is a different matter and to grow your business, it is up to you to become a better navigator of time.

So how important is your time?

Yes, time is precious and time does fly but what’s important is how you manage your time and set priorities with realistic timescales. The fact is, it takes much more than a good wristwatch to do that.

A few years ago, in my own business, I employed a telemarketer and noticed their effectiveness had deteriorated. It looked like she was wasting time or indeed procrastinating.

When I broached the subject with her she smiled and then said she did not want to admit to procrastination but did admit to something we now call ‘Productive Avoidance’ *. She neglected the things she knew she should do but did not want to do while keeping busy doing the things she liked doing and so had convinced herself were more important.

It is so tempting for owners of growing businesses to revert to the role they played in the early stages of building their business. The position of leader in the business does not sit well and is outside their comfort zone. Ideal conditions for ‘Productive Avoidance’ to take hold.

The key leader position is left void and if left vacant the business will soon become unbalanced.

Stay in position and constantly ask is this the best use of the leaders time?

If not, the verdict on the charge of –

Are you Productively Avoiding?

*  Chapter 8  –  ‘Can your Business step up to the growth?’ challenge by Ray Moore

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