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The biggest cause of stress for owners of SMBs (small and medium sized businesses) is time pressures. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! If only you could find more time, how much easier would your working life be?

Unfortunately, we can’t ‘find more time’ out of nowhere and when the business is busy and all the employees are under pressure, no one has time to take any of the pressure off the owner. The fear of taking on extra costs and the desire to ‘squeeze the pips’ before an investment, results in the owner accepting the stress.

In this competitive world, it’s what has to be done right?

Well no! As a business owner, you’ve employed a team for a reason so surely there’s a simple way to allow your team to take some of the pressure off you.

find more time

Here is a quick solution that will help generate much needed time throughout an organisation.

Conduct a ‘spring clean’ of all all the existing systems, processes and activities that are carried out in your business. We can guarantee that any organisation that has been running for some time will have mini systems and processes. They were probably set up to sort out an exceptional situation, which is no longer relevant but the processes are still carried out.

This might sound too simple but there’s really no need to complicate things. Just set up your mind to look for wastage.

Ask yourself what would happen if this task or process was no longer done? If the answer is nothing, then why is it still being done?

Go on have a go!

Take a look, spend ten minutes and see what you find.

Start with yourself, you might be surprised.

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