Holiday Time Warp

I’ve just come back from a few days away from the office and it reminded me of a strange occurrence that businesses large and small across the country experience during the summer period.
The Holiday Time Warp

Have you noticed that in the week leading up to going on holiday we suddenly become far more productive?
All those tasks that need to be completed before getting away on holiday get done.
It’s like magic, time seems to take on a new reality. Time seems to slow down so that we can get all the tasks done.

Well let’s be honest, the speed of time does not change. So something else is going on.

The key to this sudden perceived warp in time is having a deadline that has to be met. It can’t be moved.

The flight is booked and the family are excitedly packing.There is no choice because the jet is taking off at its alotted time to whisk you off to the sun.

So, all those important tasks have to be completed.

How much more do we get done in that week? Thirty percent more? Forty percent more? Fifty percent more?
Guaranteed it will be significant.

So what really happens? Does time suddenly become strangely distorted?

No! For that week there is no Productive Avoidance. There is a deadline. There is focus. There is commitment.

Now if it happens to you as the business owner, it will also happens to all your employees. The increased efficiency seen in everyone’s Holiday Time Warp period is a measurement of the productive avoidance in the business.

Just think what would happen if you set deadlines and applied the same focus for the rest of the year.
Just how much more would get done?

What would the impact be on the profitability of the business?

Now that would be something worthwhile focusing on.

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