Here is how to de-motivate your team

Hang on shouldn’t that headline read ‘What are you doing to motivate your team?’

Well of course it should but a common complaint I hear so often from owners of SMEs is that they can’t get the right people or that no one seems to want to work nowadays or that no one in their company is prepared to step up and make a decision or go the extra mile. To summarise their people are just not motivated they do the minimum, just do their job.

If this even vaguely rings true for you perhaps its time to look at things from a different angle.

Now, my belief is that everyone wants to enjoy their job. They want to feel a part of a business. They want to get involved and be proud of what they do.

On the first day of a new job they feel excited and look forward to the new challenge.

In other words they are motivated.

Indeed, the owner speaks in glowing terms about them. They think they are really great, a breath of fresh air. However, it does not last and three or six months later they haven’t lived up to those expectations and have fallen into the same de-motivated malaise and do the minimum.

Actually, only we can motivate ourselves. It’s emotional.

As business owners we have to provide the environment, the inspiration to allow our people, our team to be motivated to be energised. To give their all.

So, unless you go out of your way to employ demotivated people, now is the time to ask yourself the question.

What are you doing or what is happening in your business to de-motivate them?

Answer that and put it right and just see what magic will happen.

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