Time to take the helicopter view of your business?

Isn’t it easy to get caught up in the everyday stuff that just sucks all your energy and time. As a business owner if you get too close to the coalface you can quickly lose focus on what’s really important.

Who in your business has the time and the ability to step back from the business, to truly see what is going on?

Easily said but often not so easily done!

So how often do you take a view of your business challenges from 1,000 feet?

Let me explain what I mean.

Imagine you are on a car journey across a busy city from one side to the other. You set off and all is well but soon you get stuck in an unexpected traffic jam. The good old sat nav has let you down, yet again!

So what can you do?

Here are three possible choices.


Looking out of the windows all you can see are the other cars all around you, to the front, the side and behind you. Everyone else is in the same predicament so you turn off the engine and resign yourself to wait for the blockage to clear. You are at the mercy of factors outside of your control.

Make things happen.

Frustrated, you get out of the car, immediately feeling better for being active. You look around and eventually stumble across the cause of the hold up. The traffic has ground to a halt at a cross roads a few miles up the road. Seeing the problem, you enlist a small band of willing helpers and you start to direct the traffic and get things moving albeit slowly as the traffic is still heavy. Now you are stuck doing the job of the traffic lights and will be there for some time to come.

Find out what is going on.

This is when you jump into your helicopter and go to 1,000 feet so that you can look down on the problem. Now you can see that yes the road you are travelling along is blocked at the cross roads ahead but the heavy traffic is caused by broken down lorries on both feeder roads to the junction. Clear the lorries and you will be soon on your way.

So what is the moral of my little story?

Well, most owners don’t want to just sit in the car and do nothing, it’s so frustrating. So the temptation is to get busy. It’s tempting to react to, say, a sales dip by getting everyone running round like headless chickens. They may look busy but are they being productive. In the end it may have the same impact as just waiting in the car for the traffic to clear.

Surely by taking time to look down on the business allows you to set the right priorities and align your resources to properly clear your route getting you to your destination quicker, fitter and less stressed.

Is it time to take that helicopter ride?

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