Isn’t it interesting how quickly we take things for granted. The extraordinary quickly becomes the ordinary.

In business it is so easy to get caught up in the ‘doing the do’.

Another month over, perhaps a record month, but no time to acknowledge the achievement, just get on with the current month.

Our businesses grow and develop but as we are so close we take the changes in our stride.

However, sometimes an external event suddenly highlights those changes and we see things through different eyes.

Some years ago that certainly happened to me. I met up with an old friend for lunch. He came to my office and before we left for the restaurant he asked to have a look around the company. As I showed him around he kept on asking questions, ” So when did you buy that bit of equipment?” and “How long have you been doing that!” and ” When did you build that extension?” and “When did you start that range of products”. He was staggered at how far the company had grown in the couple of years since we had last met. He was excited to talk about all the developments.

He had seen a huge change.

He was enthusiastic.

It was contagious!

After he left I realised that I had allowed all those changes to become common place. He made me aware of just what I had created. He helped me celebrate the wins.

It also made me realise that I had not seen the growth in my team. Not only that perhaps the team had accepted the changes and needed to celebrate our wins. To be proud of what we had created.

Sometimes, it is great to look at the business through the eyes of a visitor. What do they see?

It’s a great exercise, it doesn’t take long. Focus on the positives and celebrate. Our history is important as long as we don’t live in the past. Our past is there to learn from and then use positively in the future.

So, when to celebrate?

At every opportunity! 

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