Do you have this BIG fear? You’re not alone.

Let’s be clear here. I’m not asking whether you run at the sight of a spider or are scared of heights.

Fear is such a small word but our brain is wired to protect us and so, in the face of fear, we can end up like the proverbial rabbit caught in the glare of a car’s headlights – rooted to the spot and destined for a messy end.

So consider, what is your biggest fear in business?

Now what may spring immediately to your mind are the standard fears of failure or indeed success.

The fears we face in business (failure, success, ridicule, criticism, change) may not be ones we can get rid ourselves of overnight. Yes they can all play a part in holding back our business.

But interestingly, there is a far more insidious fear that has a larger impact than the commonly cited ones and that is the fear of ‘being found out’.

Over the years I have found that this fear is actually the successful business owners worst enemy. There is a natural knee jerk reaction to claim everything is fine whilst actually knowing that there are some fundamental challenges that need to be faced. It is a natural response system that is there to protect our ego.

I’m regularly frustrated when I see business owners sticking to a familiar course of action or failing to bring in fresh talent because of this fear. Their worry is that they will be discovered as not the ‘knows everything and can do everything’ kind of person they want to be seen as. Believing that this will show a weakness leads them to shut out all offers of help to resolve the challenge.

This fear of being found out stifles change but has no basis in reality.

The owner that successfully grows their business through The Levels* has to accept that they can’t ‘know everything’ or ‘do everything’!

Ultimately, it’s OK to seek and ask for help.

That is a strength not a weakness!

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