Do what you say you are going to do

DWSGD! What a bizarre way to open a blog!

Well, actually it’s an anagram for Do What you Say you are Going to Do.

Part of how we intuitively trust someone is whether they actually DWSGD. Think about that for a moment….

What do you think about someone who regularly fails to DWSGD? Very quickly you treat their promises with a pinch of salt. It is imperative that the leader DWSGD to set the example. If they promise to do something then that is what must be done, every time without fail. It sets the standard.

Make DWSGD the norm.

Beware that the key element that is often left unsaid or implied when committing to do something is the time frame. Here’s a classic example: “leave that with me I’ll come back to you.” Note there is no explicit time commitment. Without a defined time limit there could be the perception of not DWSGD and lead to a possible erosion of trust. Trust is the foundation of building a strong team. Deadlines ignored are a cancer eating away at trust within a team. Make DWSGD a key element when

Setting out the Stall to go to the next level.

Do what you say you are going to do  Remember the importance of DWSGD.

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