Day Dreaming- Your Key To Success 

Everything starts with an idea.

Take a look around you, what do you see?

A table, chairs, computer, car…..

Every single one of those items started off as an idea in someone’s head. They did not exist until someone conceived the product in their head.

Someone’s brainwaves were transformed into something solid.


Well that’s all very obvious so what is the point?

Let me explain, how many ideas do you have that never see the light of day?

Think about it for a moment.

An idea can be a fleeting moment and unless you can capture it then it’s gone forever.

Like so many things there is a process that runs to develop an idea.

First step is to see the idea in your minds eye. Visualise it, see it in all its glory.

Once you can see it clearly you need to talk about it with others, explain the idea to them. Give it a bit more form.

Often by explaining it to someone we trust so we get more clarity. The idea is taking shape, it seems more real.

Yes, sometimes, at this point you will realise that it’s just not a good idea.

You then need to take some action on the great ideas to make them real. You’ve got to do something to make it materialise. Activity, action, doing. It’s not just suddenly going to appear.

Sounds so simple so where is the flaw.

Well, it’s that get out excuse of you just don’t have time to think. You are so busy.

You just get so caught up in the doing and that’s where so may ideas just turn to dust.

Ideas like some space, some time to form.

So how much space are you giving your ideas?

Go on, make time to think, to just wonder, you might be surprised by how many ideas are desperately trying to escape and become a reality.

Might be time to dust off some of those old ideas.

You may never know!

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