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One of the key drivers of business is ‘Delivery.’ This refers to the consistency and quality of your products and/or services and is usually a focus for business owners. However, for most business owners the priority is driving sales and finding new clients. This can lead to your current, most valuable clients being forgotten.

You’ll be aware that there are some customers that are more valuable to your business (your ‘ideal’ clients). But are these clients aware of all the products and services your business offers? Maybe you’ve told them, or mentioned it in the past. But do they have a full understanding and awareness of everything your business offers?

It’s a well-know fact that getting new clients to purchase from your business is much harder than selling to your existing clients. So what are you doing to identify new opportunities with your existing clients? Getting a true understanding of your customers will help you to sell more. The more you know about their needs and the products or services they use, the easier it is to see opportunities for your business.


Take some time to get to know your clients, consider using a spreadsheet to register:

  • What your clients currently purchase from you
  • What they use, but purchase elsewhere

Use this information to spot the opportunities and build offers to create awareness.

You might notice a spike in sales as your customers become aware of the wider range of products and services your business offers. And, even if some decide not to purchase with you now, your business will become a suitable alternative if something changes with their current supplier.

This process of getting to know your clients is important for more than the reason of cross/up selling. Having a deeper and clearer understanding of your clients, their needs and current suppliers, you’ll get a better understanding of your target market. Use the information you’ve learnt to build customer profiles and segments that can then be used in your marketing efforts.

The key benefits of getting a true understanding of your clients, and for your clients to have a true understanding of your business are to:

  • Build better relationships with key decision makers
  • Improve awareness of current clients needs
  • Meet client needs more effectively
  • Profile/segment your target audience
  • Increase effectiveness of marketing

For more on this topic, tune in to Episode 122 of the Fluid Business Podcast:

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