Mush! Mush!

“Only the lead dog in a dog sled team gets a change of view” or indeed the clearest view. Hopefully, when you visualise a team of dogs you can imagine the view all the other dogs get. So I won’t dwell on that! Many business owners believe they should lead from the front, lead by …

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Who would you re-employ again?

If you could ‘sack’ everyone that you currently employ today (without fear of tribunal, notice or termination payments or indeed without any other repercussion) who would you re-employ tomorrow?Now that may bring a wry smile to your face or a serious frown but read the question again and then go through your whole team one at a time.

Are you good at picking up cues?

Imagine you are visiting a couple for the first time for whom it is important that outdoor shoes are not worn in the house. How would you know their ‘house rule’. You may pick up some visual cues such as pairs of shoes lined up by the front door, You may notice they are not wearing shoes, They may offer you slippers, They may just ask you to remove your shoes. However, often none of these happen. You did not pick up the visual clues and they were too polite to ask. On leaving you may comment on the strained atmosphere you felt, but I leave it your imagination to what sort of comments they made about you when you left!