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For some people, the idea of ‘work’ and ‘pleasure’ are totally opposed. This perception can lead many business owners to primarily focus on monetary reward to ensure hard work and loyalty from their employees. Whilst, this undoubtably motivates some in the short term, it is the business owners who also inspire and emotionally connect with …

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Mush! Mush!

“Only the lead dog in a dog sled team gets a change of view” or indeed the clearest view. Hopefully, when you visualise a team of dogs you can imagine the view all the other dogs get. So I won’t dwell on that! Many business owners believe they should lead from the front, lead by …

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When your experience will let you down

Rightly proud of their success they feel that they have seen it all and can rely on their experience to successfully face the future.

Typical responses from SME owners are:

“We have been really successful to date, so we must be doing things right”

“I’ve got 25 years’ experience, so I know what I’m doing.”

Reliance on experience can create a dangerous Business Comfort Zone (BCZ) which blinds the owner to possible dangers as well as opportunities. The BCZ creates a ‘wait and see’ approach leading to reactive knee-jerk responses rather than a proactive, considered approach to face these new events.

How, when and what the owner’s strategic response is, will have a significant impact on the future of all the business’s stakeholders.

Business Evolution not Revolution

Language is wonderful! It continually adapts to change, to environmental influences but at the same time builds on its rich past, it’s heritage.

The same cannot always be said for business. As a business coach I often see two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to business owners adapting to changing circumstances.

5 things that hold back business growth

Working long hours is often seen as the price of being an owner of a SME, small or medium sized enterprise.However, hard work and long hours are no guarantee or sign of success.Indeed, behind the brave face of many a SME business owner is frustration with their lot. Here are the five components that keep SME business owners from breaking free of that uncomfortable comfort zone.