Business Evolution not Revolution

Every now and then, brand new words get added to the

In recent years there have been some great words added like MAMIL (middle aged men in Lycra) to cover all those groups of cyclists that take to the road every weekend.

Another one was mahoosive, an adjective meaning exceptional big or huge. So this morning, I got caught behind a mahoosive mamil cycling along the road!

The word that really caught my eye was ‘simples’ which is used to convey that something is very straightforward. It’s amazing how a great advertising campaign can become part of our day to day language.

This got me thinking how wonderful language is that it continually adapts to change, to environmental influences but at the same time builds on its rich past, it’s heritage.

The same cannot always be said for business. As a business coach I often see two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to business owners adapting to changing circumstances.

At one end, I see owners who are constantly chopping and changing their focus and direction as they seek the magic formula, speaking a language that their team does not understand.

At the other end are those owners who are stuck in the past and who are not prepared to change their thinking as they hang onto ‘Olde English’.

The truth is nothing stays still.

Everything evolves just like our language but sometimes change takes time to become accepted. Just as words can become adopted and used long before being accepted into a dictionary.

In nature if something isn’t growing or cannot adapt to changes in the environment it gradually starts to decay and eventually dies.

So take a moment to think how you and your business have evolved since those early days. Think how it will have to evolve in the years to come or have you got stuck in an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

Unlike dinosaurs you have the ability to change and adapt to changes in the environment.

And above all keep it simples!

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