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Working long hours is often seen as the price of being an owner of a SME, small or medium sized enterprise.

However, hard work and long hours are no guarantee or sign of success.

Indeed, behind the brave face of many a SME business owner is frustration with their lot.

They are clearly in an uncomfortable comfort zone, but they have got used to it and so think it’s the only place they can be – it has become the norm.

It’s also a bit of a prison and the only way to escape is to change the mindset to one that accepts the challenge of making a change.

Just like the frog in a pan of boiling water the heat has built up slowly and the pain is not noticed until it is too late.


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Here are the five components that keep SME business owners from breaking free of that uncomfortable comfort zone.

1.     Ego


Our Ego protects and maintains our psychological well-being.

It can lead a SME business owner to ignore or not admit to a sneaky suspicion that something is amiss resulting in the polishing of the past and therefore reality.

  2.     Beliefs

 A belief is something that as individuals we hold to be true.

The interesting thing is that, once we let a belief take hold, our unconscious mind will find evidence to reinforce it.

 3.     Blind spot

Blind spots are another distortion of reality – a trick your eyes and brain collaborate on.

Be aware of and acknowledge your beliefs because the commercial reality is that the blind spots they cause can be costly.

4.     Common sense

How many times have you looked at a problem and just known the answer?

If you hear yourself saying “you just know it” or thinking “how can they not see it?”, then that common sense will keep you within your uncomfortable comfort zone.

 5.     Habits

 The formation and maintenance of habits – the final big component of the uncomfortable comfort zone.

Habits can be good or bad but, either way, they will form part of your comfort zone.

Moving towards ‘understanding

 So, the ego, beliefs, common sense, blind spots and habits have a lot to answer for in terms of fueling your fears, stifling change and ultimately creating a very uncomfortable comfort zone.

I hope you’ve already begun to turn these things around in your head.

Please note! This is a snippet, to read the full blog post you can sign up to our members zone here – Members Zone

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