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The countdown is on – George’s Pursuit Across The Perilous Ocean launches next week!

With just over 1 week until Ray Moore's brand new book launches, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what the book's about and the business journey it takes you on!

George's Pursuit Across The Perilous Ocean is a tale of a business adventure from start up to financial freedom. Something we're sure most business owners dream of!

But it's not all plain sailing to get there.

Throughout the book you'll follow George as he starts up his business, you'll watch as his business grows, plateaus and sees moments of uncertainty and challenges.

As a business owner, there will be parts you can relate to and parts you can see in your own business. When George hits a bump in the road (or a rough wave!) Ray looks at how to overcome the problem with his commentary.

What do people think of the book so far?

Jon Neil – Sport Safe

“A must read for someone who is 2 or 3 years from starting their business or even before you start business, it reminded me very much of Polar Bear Pirates, easy to read, humorous but some thought provoking questions asked. If I had read this before I started my business 20 years ago things may have moved along a lot quicker. Another great book from Ray Moore.”

Peter Clayton – Clayton Horsnell Ltd

“I found it really interesting how to story ties into real situations business owners find themselves in. It got me thinking about what boat I'm running and how I can apply this to my business!”

Literary Titan

“This is a fantastic business guide that provides an easy to understand road-map for getting from a small flailing venture to a successful business. Regardless of the goal, it can be achieved by following these simple directions. Five stars out of five for this crash course in entrepreneurship.”

The book launches next Thursday 20th September but you can pre-order yourself a copy now!


Ray's previous books can be purchased here: https://www.fluidbusiness.co.uk/shop/

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What is restricting your business growth?

What is restricting  your business growth or should I say who is holding back your business?

Time to consider a BIG question.

Now this may bring a wry smile to your face or a serious frown but it must be considered at some point.

Answer it honestly and then take some action based on your answer.

It may prove to the most important decision you will ever make. 

The BIG question

If the business could ‘sack' everyone it currently employs today (without fear of tribunal, notice or termination payments or indeed without any other repercussion) who would you willingly re-employ tomorrow?

The decision to re-employ has to be without qualification.

No get out of jail cards like:-

‘I wouldn't want to employ him/ her again but they bring in 75% of the sales'!

‘If they weren't family they would be long gone'

Read the question again and then go through your whole team one at a time.


The answers from this question may be uncomfortable but the awareness will be worth the discomfort.

Yes, it may be the toughest question that you consider in your business life so don't dodge the bullet.

Take time out and consider the implications honestly.

Look at the reasons for not re-employing and put together a development plan to address the issues where possible, eg. skills  through training, attitude through coaching or perhaps move the individual to a more appropriate role.

Your biggest challenges will come from those that are not aligned to your values.

That's a whole different question but if not addressed  it will cause you recurring issues in the future.

To unlock the hidden growth in your business your team must be able to adapt to meet the growth challenge.

Some may be able to step up others will not.

Business owners allow their personal relationship to the individual or family ties cloud the underlying issue.

Closing a blind eye to the people who are holding the business back will ultimately jeopardise everyone's long term security.

One final thought.

Did you include yourself in that analysis?


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What makes a good week at work?

What would you consider a good week at work? In business there are natural ‘laws’ that impact our businesses. One that has a daily impact is that ‘nature abhors a vacuum*’, the ‘universal law’ that says an empty or unfilled space is unnatural and so there will always be an tendency to fill the void.

Let’s look at couple of common examples of its impact on management in business.
What happens if no one sets a team their priority? Well, this is where the ‘universal law’ applies straight away. Without guidance from the management of the company, individuals and teams will fill any void by setting their own priorities, creating a breeding ground for ‘productive avoidance'. With everyone singing from different hymn sheets, there is very little chance of the business achieving the outcomes required by the business owner.
The crucial role of any manager is to identify key priorities and then clearly communicate and agree goals with individuals and teams that are aligned to meet those key priorities.  This ensures the business has focus and avoids the tangled mess that follows when everyone is setting their own agendas.

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Understand how to get balanced growth in your business

Understand what differentiates a successful growing business from an out of balance stressed business to get massive results.

In a given situation what will have the most significant impact on the profitability of your business.

For many small and medium sized business (SME) that factor is the experience of the business owner.

Is your experience the key to balanced growth in your business or is there another factor which when applied will springboard your business to the next Level?

From working with hundreds of successful SME business owners over the last fifteen years the key, the Multiplying (X) Factor, is UNDERSTANDING.

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When your SME experience will let you down

In the life of every small or medium sized business (SME) there will be events that the owner has not encountered before.

My SME experience didn't ready me for this!Here's a quick look at five of the common one-off business events where relying on past experience may jeopardise the future of an SME.

I regularly speak to SME owners who have successfully built their business over 10, 20, 30 or 40 years.

Rightly proud of their success they feel that they have seen it all and can rely on their experience to successfully face the future.

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How to find more time and take the pressure off yourself

The biggest cause of stress for owners of SMBs (small and medium sized businesses) is time pressures. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! If only you could find more time, how much easier would your working life be?

Unfortunately, we can't ‘find more time' out of nowhere and when the business is busy and all the employees are under pressure, no one has time to take any of the pressure off the owner. The fear of taking on extra costs and the desire to ‘squeeze the pips’ before an investment, results in the owner accepting the stress.

In this competitive world, it’s what has to be done right?

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3 simple steps to improve team performance

In sport, every player must truly understand their role and responsibilities in creating a successful and effective team. It quickly becomes obvious when a player does not understand their role when they begin playing out of position or not performing effectively – we usually see the immediate impact of this on the score board!

Improve team performance with these simple steps

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Grow Your Business and Avoid Getting Stuck in a Rut – Podcast with Peter Boolkah

This week, we're taking a look back at one of our earlier podcasts with Peter Boolkah. Peter discusses how to turn things around if you want to grow your business but are stuck in a rut. He also talks through common mistakes people make when trying to grow their businesses.

When starting a business it can be exciting and your motivation is likely to be sky high. However, as time passes and you're facing the ups and downs of business life, it can become frustrating if you don't see the growth you're working towards.

Listen for free and don't forget to subscribe to our podcast!

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FBP 145: What Makes An All Star Team?

What makes an all star team? Andy Sleet and Ray Moore discuss the ins and outs of creating a team that works in harmony.

Our professional business coaches use ‘the beautiful game' as an analogy for creating an all star team in business.

From skills and working together to having the right manager in place and planning ahead, listen now to find out more.

Join us every week to gain an expert insight on business growth, family businesses, team efficiency and much more.

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FBP 144: Common Sense Is Not So Common After All

In this week’s podcast Andy Sleet and Ray Moore discuss the difference between knowledge and understanding and why common sense is not so common after all.

Our team of professional business coaches share their expert knowledge and experience every single week, empowering you, the business owner, to develop and grow your business the right way.

Join us as we cover core subjects areas in our unique and relaxed way, including: Rapid Growth, Family Business, Team, Efficiency and so much more.