Biggest Leap of Faith for a Business Owner

A common complaint I hear from business owners is that they can’t get their staff to step up and take responsibility, they just seem not to want to be involved.

If this sounds familiar then read on…

As a business owner, especially if you have built the business from scratch it is so easy to become overprotective of the business you have created. You believe that you know what’s best and perhaps unwittingly you want to control every aspect of ‘your babies’ development.

However, just like any overprotective parent it is so easy to restrict and smother the natural development of your child.

The biggest leap of faith we have to make as business owners is the same as any parent.

As parents we have to realise we have done our job and it is time to put our trust in our children – that they are ready to take responsibility and that they will be able to make right decisions. We recognise that they have grown up.

In business this leap of faith is to believe that every person you employ will always do the best that they know how. In fact treat them as thinking adults who are capable of having a worthwhile opinion. Trust them, involve them in their future and they will reciprocate with their heart and soul.

Just have faith in them. 

Delegate roles, responsibilities and tasks to them. Involve them, ask their opinion, share information to get their buy in. Help them to take ownership of their decisions and they will be happy to be held responsible for their actions and be accountable for their results.

Sometimes the change will be hard for you and them. In the early stages give them support not control, allow them to grow.

Indeed you and they may sometimes get it wrong as you all adjust but I guarantee that if you truly involve them and trust them your team will astound you.

They will repay your faith and you will quickly see the benefits in increased profits, more personal time for you and less stress.

Go on give it a try and let us know the results.

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