Fluid Business Coaching

Mush! Mush!

“Only the lead dog in a dog sled team gets a change of view” or indeed the clearest view. Hopefully, when you visualise a team of dogs you can imagine the view all the other dogs get. So I won’t dwell on that! Many business owners believe they should lead from the front, lead by …

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‘Outside In’ Marketing

I met with a business owner last week who has tried unsuccessfully for some years to break through a turnover figure which he has been desperate to achieve for many years. He has got very close in the last few years, without making that final break through which would bring him the level of success he was looking for.

Business Evolution not Revolution

Language is wonderful! It continually adapts to change, to environmental influences but at the same time builds on its rich past, it’s heritage.

The same cannot always be said for business. As a business coach I often see two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to business owners adapting to changing circumstances.