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In sport, every player must truly understand their role and responsibilities in creating a successful and effective team. It quickly becomes obvious when a player does not understand their role when they begin playing out of position or not performing effectively – we usually see the immediate impact of this on the score board!

Improve team performance with these simple steps

However, in business it is not so easy to spot an out of position or coasting player when everyone looks so busy and gainfully employed.

This is where job descriptions are a great tool to help everyone stay in position. Job descriptions should be flexible and focused on the expected results and accountabilities rather than just a list of specific tasks.

improve team performance

So here is a quick three step audit process to see how effective your job descriptions are and to help improve team performance:-

  1. Does every role have a job description?

Assuming the answer is yes, then how up to date are they and are they output or task orientated?

Is now the time to revise or compile job descriptions for every role in your company?

Interestingly, junior or recent recruits will often have job descriptions whereas more senior and long-term employees do not tend to have them. It can then be difficult to put job descriptions in place as the owner does not want to cause upset.

The key is that every role should have an up-to-date job description, from top to bottom.

  1. What is the individuals view of what they do and what are their responsibilities?

Carry out a mini job description audit. Ask everyone in the organisation to write what they think their job is and how their performance is measured without reference to their formal job description.

Then compare each individuals view with that contained in the job description. Discuss the differences with the individuals and agree the job description and changes required.

You might be amazed by the difference!

  1. How are each individuals performance measured?

Check on the effectiveness of the KPI reporting and feedback process.

Everyone wants to know they are performing well so set meaningful output related KPI’s that helps the individual gauge their own progress. Review regularly and discuss and agree how their performance can be improved.

We hope these easy steps help improve team performance in your business. Are there any other methods you tend to use to ensure team performance is up? If so, we’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below or on our social channels – Twitter: @Fluid_Business. Facebook: Fluid Business Coaching

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