Welcome to Fluid Business Coaching Essex.
17th February 2018

09:00 – 17:00

Monday to Friday

Warren Estate

Writtle, CM1 3WT

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About Fluid Business Coaching

With over 100 years of combined business growth and leadership experience at the very highest level, Fluid Business Coaching Essex works out exactly what you want to achieve in business and then aligns you, your business and your team to your vision using the Levels business growth model.

At Fluid Business Coaching, we believe in empowering successful business owners to break through the barriers that prevent them from achieving outstanding results. The way we do this is by developing professional one-on-one relationships that are founded on integrity, honesty and unrivalled business expertise.

We believe that a business built on strong foundations, with a talented, motivated and fully aligned team gets results – and that's exactly what we have achieved at Fluid Business Coaching

Find out how we can help you and your business get to the next level by booking a free telephone consultation.

Meet Our Friendly Team

Peter Boolkah

Peter Boolkah

Business Coach
With over 20 years of experience, Peter specialises in helping owners experiencing rapid growth.
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Charlotte Richardson-Beck

Marketing Executive
From our magazine and podcast to social media, Charlotte is an integral member of the team.
Ray Moore

Ray Moore

Founder & Managing Coach
Founder, managing coach and creator of the Levels business growth model. Ray laid solid the foundations we're built on.
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Laura Emery

Marketing Manager
From brand development and strategy to building email campaigns, Laura heads up marketing at Fluid.
Andy Sleet

Andy Sleet

Business Coach
With 25 years of experience, Andy specialises in production, process, lean strategy and readying for sale.
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Cheri Millgate

Office Manager
Cheri keeps the Fluid office in-check, from finances to project management Cheri has it covered.

Natalie Hariram

Managing Director
Sailing the Fluid ship, Natalie ensures we consistently deliver the best business coaching in the industry.


Yazmin Culleton

Office Administrator
Fluid would not be complete without Yazmin on-hand ensuring the team is always fully-functional.