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24th May 2016
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You Can Have a Plan...

"...but know that it will change, probably a lot,
the plan is fluid, the foundation is stable."

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There comes a point when your passion, hard work and experience can’t take your business to the next level – that’s where Fluid Business Coaching comes in.

With over 100 years of combined business experience at the highest level, Fluid Business Coaching Essex works out exactly what you want to achieve in business and then aligns you, your business and your team to your vision using the Levels business growth model.

What are some common growth problems?

  • Your business is not growing.
  • You lack direction and a solid plan.
  • You are working too hard for your results.
  • Revenue, profit and asset growth is not positive.
  • Stress is impacting on your business and life.
  • You’re not spending time being productive.
  • You haven’t built a great team.
  • You are not enjoying the business.
  • Your business and life is out of balance.

What is business coaching?

The role of a Fluid Business Coach is to empower business owners with guidance, support, accountability and confidence. Fluid Business coaching helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with the development and management of rapid growth, communication, family business, process and so much more.

Can Fluid help my business grow?

Yes. Fluid Business Coaching can help you if you are an existing business owner facing the growth transition from a small company to a medium sized company.

Our Team of Business Experts

Ray Moore

Ray Moore

Founder and creator of the Levels business growth model, Ray has worked hard to attract the best business coaches in the UK to Fluid,  providing a world class business coaching experience.
Peter Boolkah Business Coach

Peter Boolkah

With over 20 years of corporate and business ownership experience, Peter utilises his diverse range of skills within the Levels framework to motivate, focus and realise core goals and ambitions.
Hugo Heij Business Coach

Hugo Heij

With his extensive experience of leading and developing teams on an international scale, Hugo uses his key insights and techniques within the Levels business coaching model.
Andy Sleet, Business Coach

Andy Sleet

With over 25 years of corporate and business ownership experience, Andy specialises in production, process, lean strategy and readying for sale within the Levels coaching framework.


Here’s what some of our valued clients say

Reuben James COO, Sigma PlantFinder

Peter will make you dig into everything – your assumptions, your circumstances, your projections and your past results – and find a better way to do it.

Reuben James — COO, Sigma Plantfinder
Vicki Edwards - Success Recruit

I strongly recommend Hugo to any business owner looking to ensure they are on the right path to success. His energetic attitude drives me to achieve more.

Vicki Edwards — Owner, Success Recruit
Christopher Park Managing Director at Power Testing Ltd

With over five years working with Ray Moore, Power Testing Ltd have grown over 50% in turnover, have 30% more staff and of course we’re more profitable too.

Chris Park — MD, Power Testing Ltd
Spencer Gore Managing Director, European Medical Group

Andy listened to the pains we suffered and helped us find a solution. Andy allowed me to stop working in my business to working on my business.

Spencer Gore — MD, European Medical

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